A quick spray paint 'brushes' experiment, using a black and white photo of Jeanne Moreau relaxing as reference.

Generation Icarus Desktop Illustration.

Available for free download on author J.L. Pawley's site:!bonus-content/c120p

The stories are aimed at young adults and focus on a range of persecuted teens that just happen to have grown wings. Despite the fantasy pretext the characters are quiet well 'grounded'. I'm happy to recommend them.

Chicken Tractor.

Instead of giving my full attention to yet another Manchester City defeat in the Champions League... I drew a chicken driving a tractor.

Glitch Slap

My first attempt at photo 'Glitching'. It may well be a possible candidate for use in the Neilstock poster.

Photo of Neil Donald taken by Adrienne Polaschek. 

Ugly Unicorn.

Drawn in an attempt to imprint my daughter into thinking unicorns are ugly. Therefore saving loads of money on kitsch unicorn related products... Genius.


Lately I've been dabbling in the black art of vector illustration. Here I've called upon Grasshopper to teach me the ways.

grasshopper vector

80s Bobby D.

Evidently there's another Bobby tribute record out which covers Dylan's 80s output. Here's my version of 80s Bob drawn a couple of years ago. 

The 80s were cruel to everybody.

The 80s were cruel to everybody.